WIRE ROD 304/201/316L

WIRE ROD 304/201/316L

Stainless steel wire rod is ultilized widely in many fields of  daily activties such as muscial instrument and textile equipment,.. AISI (SUS) 304, 1Cr17 STS is the most well-known one but if you need another kind having better ability of anti-corrosion, AISI (SUS) 316 can be good choice for you.

- STS wire rod is able to lengthen service life of equipment, guarantee products look bright and clean. STS wire rod has  its clean and smooth surface and comprehensive flexibility. With  materiasl in  good condition like this , it's quite easy for your  processing or production.

- STS wire rod is ultilized popularly in electric devices, household goods and in other industry fields, this material thanks to its  following advantages:
1. Good ability in shaping
2. Good surface.
3. Good ability of anti-corrosion.

Main Features:
1. Anti-corrosion, antioxydant
2.STS wire rod has shining surface and ability to shape or bend easily..
3. STS wire rod can stand high heat/temperature, have long lasting service life and be appropriate with customers' technical request like tension strength adjustment, elongation and other technical ones.

STS wire rod has been used widely in shipbuilding, chemical , automobile, electricity industries and so many other fields with different technical request, manufacturing standard depends on each user's demand


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